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Is It Safe To Go To The Dentist While You’re Pregnant?

Pregnant women know all too well the daily challenges of navigating what they can do and what they can’t do when they’re pregnant.

Left to question every part of their day – from exercise, to eating, and just about everything else – pregnant women are constantly plagued by reservations that make them nervous to do just about anything.

Unsurprisingly, one of the things women are most wary of doing when pregnant – is going to the dentist. Maybe it’s the clinical feel of most dental offices. Maybe it’s the sometimes white coat or the scrubs, or maybe it’s just the whole dental process.

Regardless, there are always some questions about taking a trip to the dentist when pregnant.

Common Hesitations of Going To the Dentist While Pregnant

Most of the time, women will avoid the dentist altogether during their nine months. But some women want to stick to their rigid cleaning schedule, while others may have an unexpected reason to see the dentist quickly. For either patient, questions typically revolve around the following parts of the process.


Whether it’s because pregnant women are taking medication, or they may be recommended some by the dentist, prescription-related questions are usually their first hold up. Your dentist will ask if you are currently taking any medications, or anything that might react with potentially new medications. If there is any chance of any degree of complications, most dentists will opt for the most conservative path forward for you and your baby.


Even though the dental X-Rays carry minimal radiation, women carrying babies (not to mention just about everyone else) are worried it could cause harm. While the brief exposure to low-level radiation won’t cause problems by itself, any dental office isn’t going to take any chances and will still be sure to provide a lead vest to cover your abdomen.


Emergencies can spring up at any time, including dental emergencies. Tooth extraction, root canal therapy, and even fillings may all be something that can’t wait – and may all be procedures requiring local anesthesia. While general anesthesia will be off the table completely (not to mention increasingly rare in general), local numbing agents to the site of the procedure have been found to be perfectly safe while pregnant.
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Always Ask Your Dentist

Even with the knowledge that dentistry is, for the most part, completely safe while pregnant, that doesn’t change the fact that it still worries some people.

So unless it’s an emergency, most capable dentists can arrange non-invasive, 100% safe-for-your-baby treatment, or plan on pausing your procedure until you’re ready.

Whichever the option, the first thing to do is talk to your dentist about your concerns. While it’s most likely safer than you think, your pregnancy should affect the treatment you receive from your dentist.