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Have You Considered a Cosmetic Dentist?

Cosmetic Dentist Lakewood

Cosmetic dentistry can change your outlook for the better. The right dentist will carefully analyze your dental health and speak with you at length. That’s what Dr. Norooz provides for every patient at One Stop Dentistry.

As a leading cosmetic dentist near Lakewood, Washington, Dr. Norooz treats patients as individuals. Getting to know you, your reason for considering cosmetic procedures, and answering your questions is an important part of the process.

Is your cosmetic dental specialist listening to you?

We see many patients who first went to other area clinics. Because our clinic specializes in sedation dentistry, we understand the needs of patients with dental anxieties. Our techniques make dental procedures accessible and comfortable for every patient. A dentist that doesn’t listen creates dissatisfied patients. We never dismiss your concerns. Our staff is compassionate; they listen and respond to your needs. This is how cosmetic dental services should be performed.


Cosmetic Dentistry That’s Right for You

We offer the care of a small-town clinic in a bustling city setting. Our staff listen to you at every level. Dr. Norooz or one of our dental technicians will walk you through any procedure before it starts. You won’t find any surprises here. An informed patient is a confident one, and that’s what we inspire in ours with every procedure.

We perform a diverse range of cosmetic procedures. We make recommendations based on patient needs and dental conditions. Our cosmetic dentist performs cosmetic procedures in addition to those for restoring functionality, dental health, and strengthening of teeth. These include:Cosmetic Dentistry Lakewood

  • Tooth whitening and veneers – A smile can be brightened in two ways. Tooth whitening is perfect when you already have healthy teeth. Our dental grade whitening products work quickly, effectively, and reduce sensitivity. Veneers accomplish the same goal in a different way. Veneers come in different materials. These offer varying durability and prices. We apply them on top of the teeeth to hide imperfections like chips.
  • Fillings and crowns – Crowns are great for protecting and strengthening weak or broken teeth. They also restore form and function. If you have a cavity, we may remove it and fill in the area using a filling. Our fillings are composite only. This matches your tooth color and does not contain mercury.
  • Bridges – Bridges are fitted for each patient. These prevent gum disease and TBJ. If you have missing teeth it can offset the way you rest your mouth. This causes damage over time. Dental bridges can replace a single, or multiple teeth. We work with you when deciding on bridge material.


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Our clinic is located near Wright Park on MLK Jr Way and Division Ave, just a short drive from Lakewood. Dr. Norooz is an industry leader and every one of our staff members is courteous and professional. Get the responsive cosmetic dentistry you’ve been missing. We care about our patients, and it shows. Call or contact us today.

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