Dentist Stadium District


Dentist Stadium District
Finding a dentist is about more than the dental services you want to acquire. You want a compassionate dental clinic, a dentist who listens to you, and a comfortable environment that removes the stress from an often stressful experience. You don’t need to look any longer. Dr. Mostafa Norooz is the dentist who Stadium District residents choose when these qualities matter most. As a cosmetic dental specialist and pioneer in the field of sedation dentistry, even patients who typically have difficulty during dental procedures will discover a local clinic that meets their needs.

Get complete dental services:

It all starts right here.

The setting is the first thing you’ll notice when you come to our clinic. Our office is relaxed and patients describe it as, “homely.” We’ve designed it that way for a reason. We specialize in dental services for anxious patients, children, and patients with special needs. A warm environment helps set the right tone for all of our patients.

Engage with our compassionate and friendly staff.

Our staff understands that the dentist’s office isn’t always where you want to be. That’s why we listen to your needs and concerns. If we can make your visit more comfortable we will. Patients know that they’ll be treated with kindness and respect, and their concerns won’t be brushed aside. You make our clinic what it is and providing you with exceptional service is our calling.

Your Dentist of Choice

What makes Dr. Mostafa Norooz the dentist Stadium District locals choose? It may have something to do with his 20+ years of experience practicing in the Northwest. His 2000+ additional hours of cosmetic dentistry training doesn’t hurt either. More than anything, though, it’s his approach. Dr. Norooz treats every patient like an individual. He takes the time to get to know you, ask questions, and understand your reason for visiting. Amazing dental care starts here, and we can’t wait to meet you.

Dentist Stadium District

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