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Braces Can’t Actually be Colored…

Dental braces are made up a few different components, and they’re typically a shiny silver or clear. The brackets, archway, metal bands, and elastic bands all work together to create tension on your teeth in the right places. And over time, this tension realigns your teeth so they’re where they’re supposed to be!

When a person with braces smiles and reveals a rainbow of color where there would otherwise be just a boring strip of metal, you’re seeing the elastic bands that wrap around the brackets. These colored elastic bands allow you to “accessorize” your mouth if you’re not happy with the look of traditional braces.

Fortunately, if neither the metal-mouth nor the Rainbow Brite looks appeal to you, ask your orthodontist about ceramic braces or Invisalign. You can also get classic translucent bands if you’re a traditionalist. Many people who have high-profile lifestyles are relieved to find that less noticeable braces are now a convenient possibility.

Keep in mind, however, that ceramic braces are not as durable as metal. If you are active in sports, there is a higher chance that your ceramic braces will crack or chip. So, consider these details before making a final decision.

What Elastic Band Colors are Available for Braces?

Ask us when you come in for your next appointment which colors are available so you can customize your braces. And don’t be afraid to get creative! Some patients like to choose school or sports team colors, a combination of their favorite colors, or a different shade for each tooth!

Makers of the bands are crafty with the color names, too, with options ranging from Plum Purple and Orange Blast to Smoke and Extreme Green.

Braces Colored

Braces colors that look great

A lot of patients who choose colored elastics for their braces stick with one color throughout.

Red, blue, turquoise, green, and purple are very popular, but bear in mind which colors look good against your teeth as well as your skin tone. Darker skin tones are complimented well by gold, dark blues, pinks, and violets. Whereas subdued colors like bronze and light blue look better with light skin tones.

Think about your wardrobe as well. Do you wear lots of bright patterns, or do you stick to solids and more subtle blacks and navy blues? You may want to think about matching your wardrobe as well if you don’t want to risk a fashion disaster!

Braces colors that don’t look so great

Though black, dark green, or brown might match your wardrobe, they can also make it appear that food is stuck in your teeth. Avoid these colors or at least ask to see pictures of others who have taken the challenge. White elastics can be problematic as well since they can stain easily and give the appearance of yellowing.

The best part about these color options is that you aren’t stuck with your first color choice. If by your next orthodontist visit, your hot pink elastics make you cringe, ask your dentist if you can choose another color. Maybe they’ll even have some example photos of colors that work well.

For now, try this super fun braces color picker to get an idea of which colors you like:


Braces Color Picker

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