Important Questions to Ask An Orthodontist

Have an upcoming orthodontics consultation?

If you’ve never been to an orthodontist in Tacoma, your first visit is a great opportunity to get familiar with the person who’s going improve one of the most prominent features of your body — your mouth!

An orthodontist specializes in making the mouth look, feel and function properly. Doing this early in life ensures you don’t compound any existing issues such as overbite, which will cause problems over time. Think of it as chiropractics for your mouth!

Top five questions to ask before orthodontic treatment.

  1. How long have you been practicing? – Any orthodontist will be happy to talk about their education and experience. And though all of these professionals have completed dental school and an additional three years of specialized training, post-education practice varies. You can ask them where they did their residency for orthodontics as well as general questions such as how long they’ve been practicing in Tacoma.
  2. What is your plan for my orthodontic health? – Nobody goes to the orthodontist as a leisurely pastime. Some kind of oral issue precedes this type of visit. So, it’s reasonable to assume, once you’ve explained your condition to your orthodontist, there will be some big plans for your mouth. Doctor’s are really good at explaining complex medical concepts to patients in a way that they can understand, so don’t be afraid to ask about the nitty-gritty details of your jaw and tooth alignment. It’s your mouth, after all!
  3. Are there other cosmetic dental choices? – Aside from the orthodontic treatments your doctor may suggest, you can ask about things like alternative treatments and the pros and cons of braces.
  4. What are the side effects? – Once your orthodontist has established a course of action for treatment, ask whether it will affect your facial features, chewing and talking habits, or the feeling of your mouth. Make no mistake, orthodontic changes  are slow changes. So, no matter what the effects are, they will happen gradually. The good thing is, a slow change means more time to adjust, and frankly, less discomfort.
  5. Do you have before and after pictures? – An experienced orthodontist may have photos, x-rays, or comparative data to show you the positive results of their past work. Don’t be shy about asking for examples of cases similar to yours. Whatever makes you feel more confident about the process is good for everyone involved!

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Beautiful Smiles are Possible With the Right Orthodontic Treatment!

It’s interesting to think about how a smile is not just the widening of lips – it’s the result of a massive group effort! All the muscles and bones must work together to keep your teeth and gums healthy. The benefits of the right orthodontic treatment lead to a nice smile, a healthier mouth, and fewer problems in the future. So, don’t be afraid to ask those questions up front!