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Teeth Whitening Tacoma
If you’ve ever seen a smile that lights up a room you know the effect it can have. A bright smile is contagious, spreading joy, and inspiring confidence. Unfortunately, as people age their teeth darken and yellow. This can be due to environmental and genetic factors. With teeth whitening in Tacoma you don’t have to accept defeat in the fight against tooth discoloration. In as little as an hour, One Stop Dentistry can professionally whiten your teeth by as much as 10 shades.

Your Teeth Whitening Dentist

There are some incredible benefits to professional teeth whitening in Tacoma that you just can’t get over the counter. With a selection of mouth trays that provide a firm fit, and fully cover your teeth, you won’t have to worry about the danger over the counter methods can pose to your gums. We also use the latest teeth whitening methods. This includes the application of a buffer gel which protects your tooth enamel from unwanted damage.

Get the benefits of clinical teeth whitening.

There are some major benefits to getting whitening performed in a dental clinic. These include:

  • A more exacting fit for your mouth so that whitening is comfortable.
  • Full coverage doesn’t leave out any of your teeth and provides true total whitening.
  • Less irritation occurs because our methods are much more precise.
  • We use the best methods to achieve greater shades of white than over the counter can.
  • Teeth enamel is protected by buffer gel that over the counter solutions do not often contain.
  • Whitening is performed by skilled professionals who are with you the entire time.
  • Our clinic allows for careful monitoring and dedicated help if you need it.

Choose the dental clinic Tacoma patients trust.

Teeth Whitening TacomaWhen it comes to teeth whitening, Tacoma residents know One Stop Dentistry uses the best equipment and continual education to stay at the forefront of the tooth whitening industry. The benefits are plentiful, and on a return visit, patients often remark how much more they smile after receiving teeth whitening in Tacoma. This procedure can help you feel and look younger, reversing one of the most visible signs of aging.

We have excellent reviews written by Tacoma locals who became Tacoma teeth whitening patients. Our dental clinic sets itself apart by providing a relaxing environment and specializing in low stress services for dental patients with high anxiety. When you want professional teeth whitening without losing the comfort of home, make us your One Stop.

Our teeth whitening methods are also easy on sensitive teeth. We’ll be happy to discuss the procedure, the expected results, and answer any questions you may have regarding teeth whitening in Tacoma.

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When you’re ready for a whiter smile that you aren’t afraid to show the world, call (253) 383-3713 or contact One Stop Dentistry for teeth whitening in Tacoma today. We can’t wait to help you find a brighter smile.


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